Thursday, July 27, 2017

A massive spider kept a Queensland family hostage from using their BBQ, due to the crawly-beast spanning about the size of a man's hand. 
Watch: Massive spider gives Queensland couple fight of their lives
The Huntsman spider seemed harmless enough until the pair tried to move it.
Source: Lauren Ansell/ Sunshine Coast Daily

Lauren Ansell of the Sunshine Coast told the Daily they nicknamed the spider Aragog, after a human flesh-eating spider that was the size of a small elephant on Harry Potter. 
The family found Aragog on Sunday night by their BBQ. 
"We made it unhappy as we tried to move it so we could cook.
"My boyfriend tried to squish it in the door but the spider was smart.
"The door only claimed two of its legs and it dropped and ran into the garden."

New Zealand Double Paralympic champion Liam Malone says he will use technology to run faster than Olympic legend Usain Bolt within the next three years.
Double-leg amputee Malone won gold in the T44 200m and 400m at Rio 2016.
Jamaican sprinter Bolt, who will retire this summer as an eight-time Olympic gold medallist, set the 100m world record of 9.58 seconds in 2009.
“I’m aiming for 9.4 seconds,” Malone said.
Malone, who is not competing at the World Para-athletics Championships in London because of injury, believes technological improvements to the blades used by amputee runners will bring down times.
“In the next three years I’ll run faster than Usain Bolt over 100m,” said Malone, who was born without fibula bones and had his legs amputated below the knee when he was 18 months old.
“It won’t be done in the Paralympics, and I’ve no intention of ever racing Usain Bolt or able-bodied people, it’s about racing against their time outside of the rules and regulations that limit technology. That’s what I’m focused on at the moment.
“If you were me and you were bullied as a kid from five to 15, and you had this opportunity to use technology to do something that hasn’t been done before, you’d absolutely want to do it and that’s what I’m doing.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Naughty penguin of the month

The National Aquarium of New Zealand, in Napier, has shamed their naughtiest penguin!
A picture of the sign was posted on the aquarium’s Facebook page on Saturday, and it made its way to reddit, where it went viral.
In the month of June, Timmy the penguin was the naughtiest of the lot, thanks to stealing fish and pushing another penguin over. Tut tut.
Another penguin named Betty was named the aquarium’s “good penguin of the month,” for being a good swimmer and waiting patiently for fish.
The aquarium’s population of little penguins consists of those with “serious injury or have disabilities such as blindness or amputations,” according to its website If they weren’t at the aquarium, they simply wouldn’t survive in the wild.”

Thursday, June 29, 2017

new home for black stilts

A new breeding aviary for the world’s rarest wading bird is about to be built in the Mackenzie Basin near Twizel.
The Department of Conservation had been working intensively hatching and rearing chicks for release, but a snow storm two years ago destroyed one aviary and seriously damaged another.
Conservation Minister, Maggie Barry, said efforts to save the black stilt had made some gains, but they remained extremely vulnerable to predators.
Work on the rebuild was expected to begin in a few weeks and be completed by the end of November.
DOC said there were only 31 black stilt in the wild 25 years ago, now there were 106.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two teenagers have been rescued from the catacombs beneath Paris after getting lost in the pitch-black tunnels.
The two, aged 16 and 17, were taken to hospital and treated for hypothermia after being found by search teams and rescue dogs.
The boys were underground for three days.
The Catacombs are network of around 250 kilometres under Paris, most of which are not open to the general public.
No-one has ever got lost in the two-kilometers of tunnels open to the public.
Entering the other catacombs, outside of official areas, has been against the law since 1955.The temperature in the dark narrow passageways is about 15 degrees Celsius.
What are the Catacombs?
The Catacombs of Paris, are a famous burial place in Paris, France that became a tomb near the end of the 18th century.
The Catacombs aren’t for the faint-hearted or the claustrophobic. Check out the video below.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

washing hands with cold or hot water?

Do you use hot or cold water when you wash your hands?
Well, new research suggests that cold water might be just as good as warm water!
US scientists studied a group of volunteers and found that washing with cold water (15C) instead of hot water (38C) didn’t make a big difference to how much bacteria was killed.
They also said that using antibacterial soap instead of normal soap didn’t make much difference either.
What made a difference was the time you took to wash your hands.  You should scrub your hands for at least 10 seconds.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

man mows lawn while tornado approaches

A Canadian man has shown his commitment to getting the job done in a widely-shared photo of him mowing the lawn as a mega tornado rages in the background.
Theunis Wessels was pictured working away in his backyard seemingly oblivious to the major hazard looming nearby.
The tornado struck the town of Three Hills in Alberta on Friday evening but is not thought to have killed anyone.
Mr Wessels told media he was aware of the tornado behind him and was “keeping an eye on it”. He insists it was much further away than it appears in the photo.