Thursday, September 7, 2017

A talented 18-year-old New South Wales rugby player has been banned from the game for 10 years, after striking a referee in the face during a junior grand final.

A passenger on an easyJet flight was stunned when he was served a sandwich that was seemingly 10 years out of date.
Adrian Bell was returning to the UK from a holiday in Zante when he purchased the cheese toastie.
He looked at the snack and realised that the best before date read June 16, 2007 – nearly ten years out of date at that time.
But easyJet insists that the item was not out of date, but instead was labelled incorrectly.
He instantly complained to staff on the flight.
He claims one quipped: “We should charge you more, it’s an antique”.

But easyJet this morning insisted that the sandwich was still in date, and the confusion came from an incorrectly printed label.
A spokesperson said: “We have looked into this with our in-flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date.
“This was obviously a manual printing error and we are surprised that anyone would think it was anything else.”

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma has lashed Puerto Rico with heavy rain and powerful winds, leaving nearly 900,000 people without power as authorities struggled to get aid to small Caribbean islands already devastated by the historic storm. 

Hurricane Irma lashes Puerto Rico

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A rare white koala has been born at Australia Zoo in Queensland.
She is not albino. Keepers at the zoo say her fur is due to a recessive gene inherited from her mother Tia, who has given birth to other pale joeys – baby koalas – in the past.
In science it’s often referred to as the ‘silvering gene’ where animals are born with white or very pale fur.  Just like baby teeth, they eventually shed their baby fur and the regular adult colour comes through.
At this stage the zoo is looking for a name. So far social media has come up with suggestions including Snowflake, Pearl, Sugar, Lily, Snow White and Baringa, which means “dawn” or “light” in the aboriginal language, for a name.
Koalas have been under increasing threat across the Southern Hemisphere nation in recent decades due to bushfires, disease, dog attacks and loss of habitat.
She is one of 12 joeys born at the zoo this season.
How heavy is a big wave? An incredible amount of water threatens the life of a big wave surfer, with just the lip of some breaks weighing more than 300 small cars. Australian Storm Surfers Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll charge some of the heaviest waves on the planet. In this clip, they break down the mathematical details on how heavy big waves actually are when athletes take them on the head.

The New Zealand police’s much-loved guinea pig mascot has died.
“Constable Elliot” – with his own blue uniform similar to that worn by our Kiwi cops – was revealed earlier this year as the latest recruit teaching Kiwis to drive slowly.
But police announced some sad news on Twitter yesterday.
“It’s with great sadness that we announce Constable Elliot’s passing #constableelliot #rip #nzpolice #safercommunitiestogether.”
Elliot was based with the Wellington Police team. 
Constable Elliot urged motorists to slow down when driving, in particular near schools.
“Remember people, the kids are going to be out and about walking and biking and crossing roads.
“Like me they are small and unpredictable so you have to watch out.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chantek, one of the world’s most famous apes, had passed away. 
The male orangutan was among the first apes to learn sign language, could clean his room and even went to college to study. However, he died on Monday at age 39, at Atlanta Zoo. 
Chantek, who was taught by a trainer who raised him like her own child, was being treated for heart disease. 
He is one of the oldest male orangutans in North American zoos and was born at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta. 
He was among a handful of primates who could communicate using American Sign Language.